Join me for my 34th Birthday with over 34 Workouts in 34 days, at less that a $1 per workout!

It’s Virgo season baby and nothing is better than a birthday body! I’m coming at you with 34 different 10 to 20 minute workouts, that are meant to be completed in 34 days. We’ve included an additional Unleash The Beast Bonus category - that’s over 900 minutes of fitness for $34! Unleash The Beast is an intensive workout series with 12 body weight workouts. This workout program is advance and will rely on you to move your body weight in order to gain muscle mass.

This on-demand training series takes things to the next level to create a stronger & more fit version of yourself. Gift me on my birthday by gifting yourself! If you complete the 34 days and tag us on social media, you’ll be entered to win one free month of FrostFit online training, FrostFit Merchandise, and other goodies.

To enter giveaway you must post a daily sweaty selfies along the way, take before and after photos and tag me on IG @patrickfrost2


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