About us

PAtrick Frost,

has cultivated a unique style blending animal flow, HIIT, bodyweight, resistance training and bodybuilding to create workouts that check all the boxes. Frosts’ targeted approach to training means each workout is designed to make you feel stronger & deliver results.

Frost founded FrostFit Training in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to give back to healthcare workers. An amazing community came together and FrostFit was born. Today we work directly with non-profit organizations to maximize impact.

Currently, FrostFit is working with The Marsha P. Johnson Institute. Money raised via FrostFit membership dues, facilitates the creation of the only on-demand wellness video library for the black trans community.

Success Stories

What our members say

"Frost Fit has provided a community of people that are active together as we try to actively both improve ourselves and our community at large."

Emily Robinson

"If you're looking for high quality training and community you can take with you anywhere, this is it."

John Grosner

"I can't say enough about how much I have come to reply on this program and can't recommend it enough."

Melanie Whitney

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